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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 27, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the u.s. and russia finally agreed to a u.n. draft resolution on syria, one that one person called utterly unimaginable two weeks ago. new information about the siege and nairobi points the finger at the inefficiency of the kenyan authorities. football legend is in court. he and his father are accused of dodging millions of euros in taxes. you are watching "france 24." there has been a breakthrough in
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the diplomatic standoff in syria. the u.n. full count so is expected to vote on the resolution today. it is -- counsel is expected to vote on the full resolution today. >> after 100 thousand people killed, finally a breakthrough in the diplomatic deadlock over syria. the u.s. and russia reached an agreement on a draft resolution aimed at doering -- destroying the country's chemical stockpile. if passed, it will be the first resolution passed since the start of the conflict. >> there will be consequences for non-compliance. his is the first time since the syrian conflict began that the syrian counsel has imposed
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winding publications on syria. -- binding obligations on syria. >> russia had opposed any references to military action. his latest draft states that if damascus does not apply, the security council could impose strict or measures, from sanctions to military force. >> if the syrian regime does not comply with this resolution, the security council will be able to impose sanctions under chapter seven. so this is a resolution we are pleased with. today, we have taken a step forward. >> but any action under chapter 7 could be vetoed by russia.
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-- chapter 7 could be vetoed by russia. >> that comes as the head of the opposition free syrian army has visited with friends. the leader will meet with several rebel groups that have backed off from the military wing. three rebel groups called for all of the opposition forces to be reorganized under an islamic framework. they also say they do not want to be led by people who spent most of the syrian can't the downside of the country. -- conflict outside of the country. diplomats from china, russia france, and germany are at the meeting at the u.n. all eyes were on john kerry and
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his uranian counterpart. >> side-by-side and smiling, the u.s. secretary of state and his iranian outer part discusses the iranian nuclear program. they agreed to meet again next month in geneva. but the u.s. is not completely reassured. >> one meeting and a change in tone, which was welcomed does not answer those questions yet. there is a lot of work to be done. >> the iranian representative insists he wants to see a deal as soon as possible. lex i want to jumpstart the process so we can move -- >> i want to jumpstart the program so we can move forward. we have to match words with action. i hope that is not the challenge. >> he said he was engaged --
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willing to engage in talks. he put the spotlight on israel. >> almost four international efforts to establish a freeze zone has regrettably failed. israel, the only non-party to non--proliferation should join. >> israel was quick to respond accusing iran of diverging attention from its own nuclear program. >> several messages were sent out mocking kenyan officials in the wake of the westgate mall attack where gunmen killed close to 70 people. the cleanup operation at the mall is still underway. we have more from nairobi on
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questions being raised on how the kenyan authorities responded to the attack. >> i have been questioned throughout this process about the authorities and their response to information and their response throughout the building. there were contradictions from the internal security ministry and the foreign affairs ministry as to the likely identity of the suspects. within the building, the local press is reporting huge chain of command problems between the police and the military. at the beginning of the siege the main response came from the general service units, and delete parts of the police. -- and elite parts of the police. that created a temporary vat him, which the militants -- vacuum which the militants were
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able to exploit. >> in sudan, the worst riots in over 20 years. authorities are not coming clean on the death toll from clashes over fuel rices. activists say 50 were shot dead by sudanese -- from clashes over fuel prices. activists say 50 were shot dead i sudanese -- by sudanese police. >> we have seen tanks in khartoum and in other areas of concern, lidar for -- darfur. they are extremely concerned that following the lunchtime
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prayers they could see further protests. what is interesting is that they did not start off on twitter or facebook. they were a spontaneous explosion of anger that emerged as a result of the fuel price hike. schools are closed. there have been long lines of people for gas and other commodities. the government has sent out a strong message saying they will meet any destructive action with an iron fist. there has been no confirmation. the human rights groups are saying 50 people were killed. the government saying it was only 29. >> thus sudanese president is not at the u.n. -- the sudanese president is not
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at the u.n. this week. >> if he had turned up he would be the first head of state to a dress the general assembly while facing international war crimes and genocide charges. the u.n. has made it clear that he is not wanted. it would put the american government in an awkward position. human rights watch says if he did, they would seek legal action against him when he arrived. him not following up does follow the landmark court case held up high the former -- held up for the former liberian president charles taylor. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations tweeted overnight and said the historic charles
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taylor judgment today will not go unpunished. how direct can one be when you are tweeting something like that? >> tank you for that. two -- thank you for that. to tunisia where the country is targeting the country's wrappers. a rapper was -- rappers. a rapper was sentenced to six months in jail and it has people furious. jailed for insulting the police and the government. he was sentenced to six months in jail and immediately taken into custody. he was appealing against a
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ruling sentencing him and a fellow rapper for insulting officials during a concert. he has been in trouble before for a song called police are dogs. he was given a sentence back in june. he did not appeal the latest conviction and is now on the run. the trial has sparked anger among tunisians, accusing authorities of trying to restrict freedom of expression. next, what has been described as an alarm clock moment on climate change. a new u.n. report was released today and stockholm. it said it is more certain than ever that humans are behind global warming. six years ago, the watchdog
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agency placed its certainty at 90%. it said temperatures could rise 4.8% -- four point eight degrees celsius this century alone. >> we have learned a lot more about this. it is extremely likely that changes are due to human influence. it should serve as another wake- up call that our activities today will have a profound impact on society for us and for many generations to come. >> the four-time world player of the year is in some legal hot water. that is the barcelona star. he and his farther -- author are accused of dodging millions of dollars in taxes. people in that country consider
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him to be a true hero. we have more on the spanish reaction to the allegations. >> when these allegations came out in june people were relatively shocked. he is not one of these soccer players always in the pages of magazines or who seems to be extravagant and leading a lifestyle with 20 of women. he seems hard-working and -- lifestyle with plenty of women. he is hard-working. when he arrived at the court he was greeted with cries of champion, champion. many of his barcelona fans are standing by him. he let tax advisors run his affairs for him. he knew nothing about it and something may have gone wrong. >> what is the worst punishment
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he could face? are we talking jail time? >> he could face a jail sentence but it looks increasingly unlikely. they have already made a payment to rectally into the court, which is 5 million -- directly into the court, which is 5 million euros. a want to negotiate an out-of- court settlement, which would mean a stiff fine on top of what was not paid. that looks like the strategy at the moment. the magistrates could decide that regardless of the out-of- court settlement, he might want to push ahead with the case. >> if fashion is more your thing, you should join us here in paris. the french capital is in the midst of its spring -- summer --
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spring-summer fashion week. women from the feminist group crashed the podium and grabbed a model and started screaming fashion, fascism. you have to admire those other models who kept going on with the show. you are watching "france 24." stay with us. >> the days have not been about doom and gloom. they qualified for the fourth round in the league cup. they are hoping they can protect their unbeaten home record this
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season. they are expecting some fireworks in north london. >> this is a big clash. last year, we competed hard for the champion spot. whatever comes out, i am not sure it is going to have a great impact on the classification at the end of the season. we want to do well among ~ on our confidence -- we want to do well and build on our confidence. we wanted it so much last season. we want to do well. it is against these teams that you are able to measure the types of challenges you can do.
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>> he wants to become an assistant coach. he rejected the idea of his protégé pursuing his own career. >> our breakup point was because i was full of ambition to give him something extra in the involvement of the job i was doing at the time, which was preparation. i felt i could give him much more. my initial idea was to keep on working with him. he did not feel the need for somebody near him in another position as an assistant. because of that, we have both decided it was time to continue our career. >> he hopes to have others
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available for the job. the player remains sidelined with an ankle injury. they completed a mid-week program on thursday. they are fit. the 2012 champions are 13th. they have chosen the city of casablanca for the playoffs game against the ivory coast. the winner will qualify for brazil 2014. final preparations for the 2014 winter olympics have been thrown
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into chaos after heavy flooding. despite authorities introducing a state of emergency, the area has been undergoing extensive testing. they have been putting safety first. >> the speed is 135 kilometers per hour. to avoid any unpleasant outcomes, design engineers have taken into account the accident in vancouver when one of the sportsman was hurt. they have decided to limit the speeds. finishing touches are also being made in the iceberg skating palace. the picture reality of this arena is that it was designed for hockey competitions. >> everything here is provided
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for people with limited mobility. there are special elevators. careful preparations have also been made for figure skating, ensuring the eyes is maintained at the correct temperature -- ice is maintained at the correct temperature for competition. >> if figure skating takes place first and later a short track the temperature will be made colder and the area will have to be transformed. the winter olympics will get underway on february 7.
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>> kenyans want answers over the west gate terror attacks. california's eraser law met with strong criticism. the people of kenya now want answers over the west gate hall terror attack in nairobi plans by militant group auch babb. -- al shababb. a are demanding answers from the government and seeking to clarify fundamental aspects on the ordeal. questions were debated and 85 were selected.
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some were on the death toll the fate of the hostages and how the security forces' major assault actually played out. others want to know if the tragedy could have been avoided. some are pointing the finger at intelligence agencies unable to prevent or foresee this attack which appears to have been well orchestrated and carefully planned. the interior minister and the police have taken to twitter asking people to be calm and wait for the inquiry, which could take weeks or months. the sb-568 law will allow teenagers to delete embarrassing photos from their social media account.
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it will go into effect on the first of january 2015 to give websites a enough time to make provisions. it will inspire lively debate. some in the common sense media think it is a great idea. they say it is definitely needed. teenagers do not understand the potential consequences of some of their comments or pictures. others think the law poses a number of problems. some say it will be difficult to enforce the legislation because it only serves users and california. one woman says the law will not work because it does not apply to information that is copied or shared by a third-party or
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posted on someone else's social network page. others say the law has not been thought through and there are too many obstacles. they say they'll law should simply be erased. -- say the law should simply be erased. producers of breaking bad will be auctioning off props from the show. fans have been kept on the edge of their seat to try -- edge of their seat. they can try to get their hands on a momento from the show. this family photo session could have gone horribly wrong. the mother accidentally launched their six-month-old baby into the air. the moment was caught on camera
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by the photographer. the father posted it last week. it has had more than 2 million views. the family photo has inspired countless parodies. if you are a man lacking in the hair department, this stop motion video may be hilarious. he designed a pan to draw hair on his friend. it is very realistic -- designed a pen to draw facial and other hair on his friend. ♪
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>> hello, and welcome to "the health show." in this program, we'll be exploring the long-term impact of living with h.i.v. while antiretroviral drugs have saved the lives of many, the patients who've been taking them for decades now appear to be aging more quickly. also in the program, the virus epidemics which start in animals


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